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Oleme Avatud || We are open: 11:00 - 22:00

Our Chef creates the divine combinations, you get a very unique dining experience and taste what everybody is raving about

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New Day Meal Menu Updated on 2-Dec-2019 || Our happy hour runs from 11:00 AM - 15:00 on weekdays.


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  • 1st June 2019

    Our Humble Beginnings

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    Lets be social :)

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Our Start Up Team

Apneet K.

Director HR, Founder/CEO

Deepak R.

Director Finance | Business & IT Development

Shankar S.

Director Restaurant Operations

Rajesh B.

Head Chef | Tandoor, Grill Master

Abhishek R.

Director Restaurant Operations | Manager

EkRaj G.

Head Chef | Curry Master

Cooking has always been a hobby, we have always participated in cooking programs and hosting gatherings for cooking. We consider our restaurant as start-up business model, introducing unique ideas, trying to bring IT & Digital strategy into it. We started with 3 partners now we are team of 6. We have 2 great chefs with 10 years experience in Dubai. They have so great taste on their hands that we wished it's different from whole Tallinn and yes they are amazingly unique. With so many supportive and loving guests visiting us. We will continue to make them happy every-time they visit. We love to cook and meet new people and make their day great. Love to see smiling faces and wish happiness spread around Tallinn with the taste.

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The S(@)cial (Resto, BBQ & BAR) has opened the door for public on 15th June, 2019 Akadeemia tee 24 in Taltech University campus.

You can book your table by submitting form, or feel free to write us at or call us at +372-58868195/56854024.